HOT! Need a new ponygirl :(

HOT! Need a new ponygirl :(

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An Open Letter to Chris Hayes, Sienna Basken and Vednita Carter

I just so your interview in chris hayes and I had some comments and questions.

First, I a bit a but me, My name is Tara Indiana. I am the Head Mistress of The Den of Iniquity Dungeon since 1994. I started of in the sex business as a high class call girl with the hopes of raising enough money to fight for custody of my younger sister and also benefit my own career aspirations.

I must say, My years as an escort were some of the happiest times in my life. I traveled the world, met incredibly interesting people and further enhanced my knowledge of culture and world affairs. It was much more of an eduction then I ever got in school.

I met not at all what I expected. The media only depicts prostitutes as victims, street walkers, junkies, white slaves being forced and uneducated naive Woman who don’t know any better.

To My surprise at my first escort agency, all the girls were really nice people and some of the smartest and most liberated women I’ve had the honor of knowing. Mostly working their way through college, saving up money for a start up, Wanting to put their kids through private school or college, sending money home to their families. There was little to no drug use by most of my co workers aside from the occasional girls night out cocktails which we called “The Putta Squad”:. Yes, the clients did them - it was the 80’s wall street. but not the girls.

The Madame cared very much about us and worked diligently to ensure our safety. She counseled us daily, never to do anything we were uncomfortable about, That we could stop a sessions at anytime for any reason. Even just a bad vibe.

The men were also not as expected. I thought they would be old and gross, guys that couldn’t normally get laid. Well it couldn’t have been father from the truth. I found almost all of them to be completely respectful, smart, great conversationalists, successful, etc., Many were attractive, wealthy and the strange thing is, they were really looking more for companionship. They were just lonely. There was a lot of conversation and very little “sex” in the sense of what most people consider sex. That’s why it’s called a trick, the trick is to not have sex with them. I was an escort / inhouse girl for a number of years and the longer I did it, the less sex I had. And the sex I was having was pretty good. Having sex with multiple partners really helped me discover my body and my turn ons. I have much better orgasms now then I did 25 years ago and I owe that entirely to the sex business,
(and one special men how shall remain nameless as just the world’s greatest lover.

Once even went 3 month without having sex with any of my clients and it was a very busy 3 months and I was always quite popular.

The conter-statistcs being offer by your opponent et al this debate were based on low level street walkers, people in white slavery, etc., which only represent 13% of prostitution. I think she means well, but she getting her info from only one source. To a hammer every problem is a nail. But the idea of lumping in low level street prostitutes with risk aware consenting adults who choose a road less traveled is a TOTALLY FALSE EQUIVALENT.

It’s like comparing people working sweat shops in china and jumping of the roof due to bad work conditions, long hours, no safety and no living wage in a dangerous factory to people working at a union shop for GM or Ford who have medical, dental, pensins and 401Ks, We don’t shut down factories because some are bad. We regulate. I also can never wrap my head around the idea that if you buy the argument that sex worker are victims in what other situation is the victim arrested, have their records ruined and generally have their life destroyed. Because it’s not just their lives, it’s the lives of all the friend, families, employers, children, etc., that are the collateral damage. What purpose does this serve? In My hey day yes, I would see up to 5 men for many hours, Not the 15 or 20 she’s talking about, That would traumatize most except for the rare nymphomaniacs of which their are very few, These are fast house. And yes, they are terrible, but not even a smaller majority of the business.

In my 2 year stint as a call girl, almost all the the men I sessioned with were great and I found it vary empowering and like I was doing a public service and fun for Me. I tried My best to have good sex with all of them. I felt if I could get paid to have orgasms that was AWESOME! And it was. The Women were some of the most amazing Woman I ever met. I love them all to this day. It was a heady time. I moved to phones when I got in a serious relationship, then I moved onto the field of Female Domination which I love, and is my life (And have been quite successful at it) I’ve owned over 7 dungeons, trained over 1000s Mistresses and 10’s of thousand of men and appeared in hundreds of films, magazines, newspapers, TV and websites.I was even on the The Daily Show’s moment of zen - still be far m=My crowning achievement.

It has ben very hard and grueling work. But has been the most rewarding and creatively fulfilling work I have ever done.

Currently, I am the Head Mistress of The Den of Iniquity dungeon (r) in Los Angeles , I have performed in over 200 fetish and porn films, I am the only woman to have had a national chain of dungeons, fist dungeon to have a members site, etc., and, I think touched the lives of many Women and men for the better as they have I.

What make this work “bad” is without a doubt the criminalization aspect of it. Constantly being worried about being arrest, kidnapped, violence against Women, having to employee unsavory characters to keep my Ladies safe and the bottomless pit of legal bills, abuse of rico laws, etc. That’s enough to give anyone PTSD.

When your young in your 20’s it’s kind of exciting, the double life. But after 25 years it wears on you; the constantly looking over your shoulder, wondering when the other shoe weill drop and everything you’ve worked for can be taken without trial by rico laws so you may not be able to even pay your own defense when they freeze their assets. They can do it anytime for any reason, and even if you’re doing a legal sex business, they can freeze your asset and just put you in jail. Once in jairl, they can trump up the charges and if you can’t make bail, (they freeze your assets so you can’t defend yourself or do business) statistically, you’ll lose, right or wrong.Theoretically pandering is 7 years (same as man slaughter) and they’ve started abusing the rico laws in the case of “Rapture” in NY. They were looking at 25 years for running a legal dungeon. (Corrupt enterprise) So you can murder someone and get less time depending on the charges. This is holy inequitable

And then there’s worrying about stalkers especially in the internet age, 2257 laws, cyber bullying and talking and the issues of safety that have come up with and review boards like the erotic review that in it’s nature has forced women to now give up use condoms, do anal sex barback, swallow and engage in high risk behaviors that were absolutely out of the question in my day.

Now, my question - what can I do to help and be more involved in what you are doing? I must confess, I am fairly busy. I amy be able to offer some time and counselllng in areas of my expertise.And I can certainly donate my space in los angeles for any suitable fundraisers or parties to further you agenda.

Here is some bakcground on Me!stackState=0__%2Frelationships%2Fdominatrix-dungeon-los-angeles-1534829.story

Best regards,

Tara Indiana



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Now this is a selfie I approve of! lol!

Now this is a selfie I approve of! lol!

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Wasn’t sure I was gonna publish this. I have lipstick on My teeth! lol. But fuck it. Lipstick on the teeth is real, porn is not. There’s no nudity. Just My face when I have a REAL ORGASM. Boys, if you know what a real orgasm looks like you’ll know when We’re faking it.


Perfect! I’ve always said BDSM is just play for grown ups. Adults need to play just like children.

Perfect! I’ve always said BDSM is just play for grown ups. Adults need to play just like children.

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Alzheimer’s disease is the most widespread degenerative neurological disorder in the world. Over five million Americans live with it, and one in three senior citizens will die with the disease or a similar form of dementia. While memory loss is a common symptom of Alzheimer’s, other behavioral…





Safe, sane and consensual, always!

This is ALL true


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Now this is the kind of higher learning I need to be My life

Now this is the kind of higher learning I need to be My life

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That s about right

That s about right

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WOW! vagina jewelry is getting pretty fancy. I think this would look sharp on Me. Wonder if it comes in real gold for My superstar pussy.

WOW! vagina jewelry is getting pretty fancy. I think this would look sharp on Me. Wonder if it comes in real gold for My superstar pussy.


On that particular day, it was going to be the last day i would be able to serve Mistress for an entire month as She is heading for New York for June. i did Her laundry, cleaned Her room and packed Her luggage for Her flight. As i was cleaning, She told me to get Her single tail out of Her…

What will they think of next! #wondersofmoderntechnology

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